Gnome Artificer


Level 8 Gnome Artificer

61 HP, 8 Healing Surges (Surge Value: 15)
AC 21, Fort 18, Ref 20, Will 19
Initiative +6, Speed 5
Passive Insight 22, Perception 22


Str 8 (-1)
Con 14 (2)
Dex 15 (2)
Int 20 (5)
Wis 16 (3)
Cha 10 (0)

Trained Skills

Arcana +16, History +14, Insight +12, Perception +12, Stealth +13, Thievery +11


Healing & Shielding Infusions: Trilliny can heal and shield allies with her infusions. Her infusions don’t use the target’s surges; instead, anyone can spend a healing surge to recharge an infusion during a short rest.
Magic Item Empowerment: Trilliny can empower magic items, once after an extended rest, and once for each milestone. She can recharge a daily magic item or augment a weapon to add a +2 bonus to one attack roll.
Arcane Rejuvenation: Trilliny enchants the party’s magical items to release healing energy when used. (Gain 9 THP when you use a daily magic item.)
Infiltration: Trilliny hides before battles, turns invisible when hit, and can even turn allies invisible if they’re hit while her shielding infusion is on them.
Ritual Casting
Hand Crossbow & Staff Expertise
Constructs: Trilliny can summon constructs or animate weapons twice a day.
Reactive Attacks: Trilliny has 2 immediate attacks to help allies hit an enemy or punish an enemy for attacking.


The lithe gnome silently works on a small mechanism no bigger than her fist, keeping an eye on the commotion below. “Let’s see how we can put this to use, shall we?”

She hasn’t said why she joined the party, or where she came from, aside from vague mischievous hints.


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