heroes of bane naarash

encounter june 16th

shortly after the battle the heroes reached the inside of the mountains. the entrance finnaly lay before them. apon reaching the final coridor of the mountain they gazed apon a small waterfall, taht apears to be manmade with what seems to be a man floating at the bottom of it with what appears to be crystals shattered all around the ground. they attended to the mans wounds only to find out that he and his shattered crystal friend were members of the part of jelia. jelia thought them to be spies of lord mayor cathan. so she had them beaten by the bladebarers and left for dead. shortly after healing and glueing the crystals back together they found out that the one hobgoblin they managed to kill was the most important, and had very important scrolls in his backpack stoed away.

after a short rest the heroes began there journey into the tight coreidor following the scrolls to the letter..only to find out taht jelia must have placed an arcana rune hidden in the ground to ward off any would be intruders. keegan triped the run nocking him back into one of the plate traps nocking him unconious. strabor in a desprate attempt to pull him out before the arcana magic drained keegan of all his life tried to hook him with his hook and rope and pull him out. hooking him perfectly, did not have the strenth to pull him triped up and fell to on one of the plates nocking him unconious. finnaly they managed to pull out both victims and heal them back to health, only to find that now they must make a sacrafice to the gods to enter creation. once standing infront of the very large statues they found that all they needed was blood from the living and the dad….idea grab the dead hobgoblin from before.

once they made it inside they were set to view a machine that looked like it powered something
keegan slowly walked out of the room to find out that the machine was a defense to keep people out it turned on and activated all the rusted warforge in the room. after many tries of attacking the machine and deactivating it with arcana skills. one hero finnaly jamed his thievery tool inside and pried the crystal out.. what is this crystal who secrets will it hold? only time will tell

in the next room lay many sleeping hobgoblins with 2 guards watching the area. very quietly the guards were shot down by the heroes not alearting even a mouse with there arrows shooting them through a whole in the wall. they decided to leave the rest alive for it may come in handly at a later time. down the long hall they come to a part of the floor with alot of numbers on it. they quickly figure this riddle out by adding and subtracting the numbers to stand on the right spaces. but the next room hold riddles they are not yet ready for

apon entering the next room they see a large round room with floor plates and a pillar in the middle they quickly figure out what way to walk and make it through to the other side but once there they get confused as to what to do with the switches and the pillar in the middle.
for some reason they think it a good idea to throw some fruitcake on the floor to see what happens. the result is not good. then one puts his poor poor elemental spirit on the plate to see what happens.. the result is devistating. they cant seam to figure it out. then out of desperation keegan jumps on the plate just to see what happens, and to everyone’s astonishment the plate glows green unlocks the switches and they are agble to move ferther.
what kind of secret traps and enemies await our heroes in the rest of this very dangerous dungeon..only time will tell

june 2nd encounter

Shortly after wakeing from the mysterious past nights events, the heroes decide to explore the city of sharn and all of its beauty. a couple of hours go by when they happen apon the house of cannith. Merrix walks out of his house as if he knew the heroes were aproaching. he tells them that he is sending a helper of his house to help with the task he abruptly placed in there hands.

Shortly after the heroes bought all there equipment and supplies they were needing they headed towards the airship to begin there long journey the Lord mayor himself walked up, also mysteriously some how knowing they were aproaching. he as well told the heroes that he was sending a member of the council guard to assist the heroes. Finnaly once on the ship they departed. not long after departing they were ambushed by what seemed like a merc goblin squad hired by a MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL!!!!. what does this mean to the heroes? Shortly after defeating the squad of mercs they took alric blacktree as a hostage for questioning. They later found out. that jelia told the councilmen that should anyone come to find her or mess with her rogue mission in anyway that they were to be killed.

Shorly after landing they heroes began that journey into the path to the creation forge. Deadman’s alley the name. Traps and death was its game. a long path of treaterous quicksand
spike traps snake pits stood in there way to the creation forge. after one was poisioned by a venomous snake, and almost died they finnaly made it through. Only to be met by more mercs watching the entrence. a long fight it was, to the victor tho go the spoils. and the victor was none other then our heroes. we end this encounter with the heroes resting and prepareing for the entrence of the creation forge…what surprises and cliff hangers await the heroes in this nightmarish forbidden forge…only time will tell

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monday, may 30 encounter log

After puting the final blows on bane naarash and his evil cult, the heroes set sail zarash’ak. to claim there reward and the fame. after reaching zarash’ak and speaking ot emesha and telling her of jaryn’s fate. a messenger aproaches with a scroll from sharn the city of towers.

The lord mayor him self has personaly sent a summoning request for the heroes for pressing and important matters to dicuse. Apon setting sail to the great city a familiar voice each hero hears says that she must do something that they will not like, she puts them into a trance like state (a dream world if you will) suddenly its the past and the vision has taken them to a place noone has ever seen before through the eyes of 6 warforges that they have never met.

after the short battle they see the warforges walk up to what looks like a chest surrounded by some sort of necronomancy powers, that aparently only a runepriest can unlock. while trying to unlock it a great storm cloud of fog aproaches….its the mourning…the end of the great 100 year war it has came and turned all the warforges to rust and scrap metal. but you hear one of the warforges say, this is the place..the place that haestus wanted us to find..what does he mean by this. what is this place..only time will tell.

shortly after reaching sharn and doing a litlte shopping the guards escorted you to the lord mayor canthan ir ’demell. he spoke for a while saying these words

many years ago lived a necromancer named haestus d’cannith. he was responsable for not only the invention of warforges but building and the creation of the warforge race.

he dwelled in a labrynth deemed the creation forge. there he would build machine to aid both sides in the great 100 year war.

but in secret he matched both necromancy and machine together to create unspeakable horrors. shortly before the great mourning that ended the 100 year war
the creation forge’s entrence now hidden was destroyed, collapsed by a group of irregular special forces thought to be members of the house of cannith. to cover up
the madness that there once necro leader had created. just 2 months tho as fate would have it after our artificer officer jelia discovered a mention of the forge wihle going through
old documents from the last war. she also found captured documents indicating that the cannith artificers had ben working on something that could have turned the tid
of the last war, and the location of the entrence of the creation forge. against our knoledge and and permission. she embarked on a journey in secret to find the creation forge,and
find out the secrect the house of cannith tried to cover up. that was a month and a half ago. we have not heard from her sence. we call on your duties of the city of towers to take these notes and maps
to find the creation forge. your first and major mission is to locate the forge and prevent the cannith from gaining access to its secrets.
your 2ndary mission is to locate jelia bring her back for the proper punishment of the towers. find out what she knows and find out what cannith’s secrets are.
you MUST not tell anyone in sharn or outside these walls who you are, who youre working for. the house of cannith have many spies
great rewards await you when you return from this mission

It would seem to our heroes after a well rolled insight check that cathan may be hideing something. after accepting the what seemed like a forced mission from the lord mayor the heroes found them selves asleep in an Inn on one of the high towers, when late that night a man cloaked who appeared to be a very powerful mage suddenly appeared and requested you to follow him that the heroes were summoned by merrix d cannith of the house of cannith. the heroes had a very big problem with that. a cleric that seemingly went insane jumped out of a 40 story window falling to his death. once they finnaly agreed to follow the mage they went in secret to the house of cannith and had a talk with merrix. to wich merrix said

merrix says i am the grandson of haestus d’cannith

i have heard of your indeavers with the hand of naarash, you are jsut the type my house has been waiting for. sometime ago our house was involved with the great 100 year war.
we profited greatly from it. that is until the mourning ended it. Now people think we have died out we are not important anymore. well i am here to say we are on the uprise.
my grandfather haestus was working on something, something the likes of wich noone could ever imagine. in secret we have found information from one of our high ranking spies
that that pathetic lord cathan’s artificer lackey jelia found the creation forge’s location, the place we have stored all of our secrets. our intel has told us she made it to the complex
but our scout shortly died after telling us that. we need you IN SECRET to infiltrate the creation forge.
secure the cannith facility for future use, keeping its secrets and dealing with any threats within it is your main objective
your 2ndary objective also just as important find jelia and her team kill them all bring any information you find on there bodies directly to me.
apon doing this our creator will have some extroidinary gifts made for you apon your return and completion of this task. i take my leave i will anticiapte your return

after some hefty insight checks from the heroes they see that he is telling the truth as well and dosent appear to be hideing anything. who do they turst what will the future hold for our heroes. Only time will tell


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